CJSW Radio’s 2022 Funding Drive – Broadcast in Bloom

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CJSW Radio’s 2022 Funding Drive is LIVE NOW!

From October 21 to 28, we look to you – our listeners – to show your support for campus & community radio and make a donation to your favourite CJSW program.

Over the last 35+ years, CJSW has become a respected part of Calgary’s media landscape & a pillar of the community, sharing music, spoken word and multicultural programs in more than 10 languages, covering stories & music you won’t find anywhere else.

CJSW’s broadcast blooms with the help from the support and stewardship of our community of donors. Our perennial ecosystem of sound flourishes 24 hours a day, promoting a vibrant and thriving Calgary. At CJSW, creativity germinates into innovative ideas and activations, diversity blossoms into bright and thoughtful programming, and passion guides where we grow next. With the essential nourishment from our donors, listeners, volunteers, and partners, CJSW is cultivating a community garden where everyone is welcome. Sprouting up and spreading our roots where you least expect it and as proud members of the campus and community biosphere, CJSW is a space where everyone prospers with just the right amount of sun, water, and sounds. 

Head to cjsw.com/donate to donate to the CJSW 2022 Funding Drive and make sure our Broadcast keeps Blooming!