Acheulean Age – Episode February 3, 2024

music you can learn to walk PROUDLY to :) a sanctuary, on the airwaves, for all genders, all creeds, all folks welcome on these airwaves.


  • Wintering Hills
    Liquor Mountain • East Dooley EP
  • Skillet Licker Breakdown
    The Skillet-Lickers • The Skillet-Lickers Vol. 6 (1934)
  • Hi-Viz (Interlude)
    Fishe Townsen • Fishe Tape
  • Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?
    Frank Bode with Tommy Jarrell and Paul Brown • Been Riding With Old Mosby
  • Down The Trail of Aching Hearts
    Hank Snow • Hank Snow: The Lost Souvenir Collection
  • Dollar Bill Bar
    Sierra Ferrell • (Single)
  • Black Winged Raven
    Sultans of String, featuring Shannon Thunderbird • Walking Through The Fire
  • Bear Creek
    Shape-note singers at Steweart's Chapel • Fasola
  • phil's offering
    Joe Rainey • Niineta
  • Reel du linge a laver
    Paul Menard • 20 Grands Classiques du Folklore Quebecois
  • Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
    Wilf Carter • Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
  • Kissing Is A Crime
    The Red Clay Ramblers, featuring Fiddlin' Al McCanless • Red Clay Ramblers With Fiddlin' Al McCanless
  • Wild Deer At Dawn
    Diane Cluck • Oh Vanille / Ova Nil
  • Soft Place To Land
    Bruce Enloe • Sutclyffe
  • Roadkill
    Faun Fables • The Transit Rider
  • Dead Skunk
    Loudon Wainwright III • Album III
  • Rage Within Me
    Lori Yates • Matador