Acheulean Age – Episode February 10, 2024

JOSEPH TENNANT live in studio! Mojo Nixon tribute! and we fearlessly ask: "will i get to heaven at the rate i'm going?"


  • Fishe Punke
    Fishe Townsen • Fishe Tape
  • Gotta Be Free
    Mojo Nixon • Whereabouts Unknown
  • You Can't Kill Me
    Mojo Nixon • Whereabouts Unknown
  • If I Can Dream
    Mojo Nixon • Whereabouts Unknown
  • Athabasca Falls
    Joseph Tennant • LIVE IN STUDIO
  • Newborn Day
    Joseph Tennant • LIVE IN STUDIO
  • Make Me New
    Joseph Tennant • LIVE IN STUDIO
  • For Solace
    Joseph Tennant • LIVE IN STUDIO
  • Crying Blues
    Mr. Liquor • Spirits, Wine, Beer
  • Sluts In Heaven
    Wheeler Walker Jr. • Sex, Drugs, & Country Music
  • Jealous Moon Waltz
    Geoff McKenzie • Drugstore Novel
  • Ballad of a Lowly Gent
    The Lowly Gents • Blue Skies and Better Days
  • Reel August Campbell
    Guy Cloutier • 100 ans de folklore de chez nous
  • Fiddle Stomp
    Wallace • Louisiana Cajun Classics
  • Cross Road Blues
    Robert Johnson • King of the Delta Blues Singers
  • The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie
    Colter Wall • Imaginary Appalachia
  • Boys from the County Hell
    The Pogues • Red Roses For Me
  • Cutivated
    Jon Bryant • Cult Classic