Alternative To What? – Episode August 1, 2019


  • stuck in the south
    adia victoria • beyond the bloodhounds
  • speed to the sound of loneliness
    alabama 3 • hits and exit wounds
  • it's okay
    land of talk • some are lakes
  • hombre lobo, no! hombre nuevo, si
    bill laswell • imaginary cuba
  • the devil's horns (feat. shawn lee)
    mark rae • northern sulphuric soulboy
  • the great banks
    brokeback • field recordings from the cook county water
  • fake palindromes
    Various Artists, ig bo lyn • Calgary Folk Music Festival Cover Art
  • child of the snow
    spires that in the sunset rise • ancient patience wills it again
  • the bitterness
    Graftician • Mandarins
  • no time for
    Gusby • The White Monkey
  • what so never to dance
    House Guests • My Mind Set Me Free
  • the boxer who just returned from london
    C.R. Avery • magic hour sailor songs
  • conditioning
    Various Artists, Lynn Olagundoye • Calgary Folk Music Festival Cover Art
  • farewell ferengistan
    banco de gaia • banco de gaia
  • tabletop (a)
    the cellar and point • ambit
  • ain't gonna let them turn us round
    ceramic dog • your turn
  • dem arrest
    chet singh • recessionary revolutionaries
  • the markets of marrakech
    Pat Battstone • The Last Taxi: New Destinations
  • ride blind
    circuit des yeux • in plain speech
  • after the rain
    Teodross Avery • After the Rain: A Night for Coltrane
  • crier tout bas
    coeur de pirate • roses(deluxe edition)
  • the fall
    copperhead • copperhead
  • wish lash - ply
    Corinthian/Carbolizer/Wish Lash • Descension/Ascension
  • little brother
    Kurt Loewen • Heavy & Low