Artslink – Episode December 7, 2020

Program: Artslink

Length: 30 minutes

The end of 2020 calls for a change of pace in creative endeavors. Jeanne talks to Jennifer Waters who has embraced painting as a creative outlet later in life. Then, Nathan talks Frank Zappa on Cross Country Checkup, then Nash the Slash. It's a little-known fact that Nash took photos of some of the biggest names in Rock history at a toronto Venue called 'The Rock Pile', & the internet archive saved 'em for you! Nash's appearance with Iggy Pop on Calgary's 'FM Moving Pictures' is showcased, as well as an excellent profile by Ted White in a 1980 Heavy Metal Magazine.

Zappa on Cross Country Checkup:

Snapshot of when the rock photos were still up:

Iggy Pop has thoughts on campus radio & his visit to the station:

Nash featured in Heavy Metal Magazine: