Artslink – Episode August 2, 2021

Program: Artslink

Length: 30 minutes

This month, The Calgary Fringe is covered in two interviews with creators & performers.

Actor and dancer Kunji Ikeda joins us by phone to talk about his production in the Calgary Fringe Festival this year. We were able to catch up a little bit.
During the last year or so, he has worked on his latest show Know The Rules, Win The Game through his Cloudsway Dance company.

To view the streaming performance, use the URL below:

Then, a conversation with the members of A Levity Theatre Co. about their interactive investment-portfolio performance called 'Sold', where the gloves are off, but the audience picks the winner..
Caity Smyck, Al Hamameh, Eve Beauchamp, and Stage manager Rachel Van Lennon spoke with Nathan at their venue in Gopher Park, Inglewood.

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