Attention Surplus Disorder – Episode November 10, 2018


  • Straight Ahead
    Scott MacLeod • Flicker and Fade
  • The Hanging Tree
    Arena • The Visitor
  • I Wanna Stay/Time Can't Take it Away
    Twenty Sixty Six • And Then...
  • Es Färbte Sich Die Wiese Grün
    Novalis • Novalis
  • In the Beginning/Let there Be Light/Supernova
    Mike Oldfield • Songs of Distant Earth
  • The Last Battle
    Rick Wakeman • Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  • Quite Rightly So/Shine on brightly/Skip Softly My Moonbeam/In Held Twas in I
    Procol Harum • Shine on Brightly
  • Bigfoots Vs Wolfmans/Night of the Worms
    Forbidden Dimension • Muchas Moscas
  • My Room
    Van Der Graaf Generator • Still Life
  • Nebuleuse
    Talisma • Chromium
  • Fields of People
    The Move • Shazam!
  • From the Sun to the World (part 2)
    Electric Light Orchestra • 2
  • Last Curtains Fall
    Solborn • Dark Lights of Delirium