Breaking Techniques – Episode October 17, 2021

Program: Breaking Techniques

Length: 60 minutes


  • All Because of You (Infatuated Duke)
    Deca, featuring Homeboy Sandman • Single
  • Perspective
    bRavenous • Flaunting Imperfections
  • Escape from the Humdrum
    Paranorml • The Fundamentals (A Tribute to Jazz)
  • To Be Continued
    Dragon Fli Empire • To Be Continued/Inspiration
  • Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
    Us3, featuring Rahsaan, Gerard Presencer • Hand on the Touch
  • Uptight
    Dojo Cuts, featuring Roxie Ray • Dojo Cuts ft. Roxie Ray
  • The Brazilian Hipster
    Fort Knox Five • The New Gold Standard
  • The Clap Hands Song
    T Bird and the Breaks • Never Get Out of This Funk Alive
  • More Mess on My Thing
    The Poets of Rhythm • Practice What You Preach
  • I'm Not Your Regular Woman
    Marta Ren & The Groovelvets • Record Kicks 15th
  • Let the Chips Fall
    Soul Secret Agency • Let the Chips Fall
  • Ruins
    YUKA • Dreamscape
  • Dreams
    The Electric Peanut BUtter Company • The Electric Peanut Butter Company