Breaking The Tethers – Episode December 11, 2023

This show featured an interview with Arpana from Solidaridad Tango, who have a new record out, Distancia. Played two tracks from Distancia, including a great cover of Rush's "YYZ"!


  • YYZ
    Solidaridad • Distancia
  • Charrua
    Solidaridad • Distancia
  • Nocturnal
    Bobby Hutcherson • Patterns
  • We three kings
    Adam Shulman • We Wish You a Funky Christmas
  • Stand pat
    Bernie Senensky • Movement to movement
  • Le temps divise
    Matthieu Bordenave • La traversee
  • Three days that won't soon fade
    The Muffins • Chronometers
  • Stolen voices
    Nite Bjuti • Nite Bjuti
  • What difference does it make
    The Aaron Keele Contingent • The Aaron Keele Contingent