Breaking The Tethers – Episode December 18, 2023

Solid, fun show, despite some butterfingers from the host!


  • Gato gato
    Gato Barbieri • Latino America
  • Chant 881
    Randy Bernsen • Heart mind and soul
  • Ivory town
    Bill King Trio • Ivory Town: Live From the Jazz Room
  • Crescent blade
    The Budos Band • Frontier's Edge
  • The crowd
    Freddie Hubbard, ─░lhan Mimaro─člu • Sing me a song of songmy
  • A descent of lilies
    Ruiqi Wang • Subduing the Silence
  • The long way (down)
    Rubim de Toledo • The Drip
  • Free for all
    The Flying Horse Big Band • A Message from the Flying Horse Big Band
  • Wood fire
    Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath • Travelling somewhere