Contramandatum – Episode March 17, 2016


  • Garden
    Glitter • Joy of a Toy
  • Rat City
    Zakary Slax • Mutant Harvest
  • How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Fit in My Pants
    B.A. Johnston • Stairway to Hamilton
  • Nicolas Bragg
    Tough Age • Tough Age Plays Hot Dog Day
  • No Dancing
    Elvis Costello • My Aim Is True
  • Smash the State with Your Face
    Fashionism • Smash the State with Your Face EP
  • You Don't Have To (If You Don't Want To)
    Gentleman Jesse • Introducing Gentleman Jesse and His Men
  • Long Goodbye
    Basia Bulat • Good Advice
  • Babieca
    Destroyer • Five Spanish Songs
  • Make Some Room
    The Suffers • Rhyme & Reason
  • Betray My Heart
    D'Angelo and the Vanguard • Black Messiah
  • Don't Be Right
    Nap Eyes • Thought Rock Fish Scale
  • Spirit Child
    Willie Thrasher • Spirit Child
  • Stars in Yr Eyes
    Lab Coast • Walking On Ayr
  • Wrecking Ball
    Miesha and the Spanks • Girls, Like Wolves