Dewey Decibels – Episode February 28, 2018

Sievi joins Sarah in the studio halfway through the program; to get us there, Sarah showcases folk to grunge to electronic vibes.


  • Boy With A Moon & Star On His Head
    Cat Stevens • Catch Bull At Four
  • The Oxford Girl
    Oyster Band • The Wild Blue Yonder
  • Morgana Jones
    Kenny Rogers • The Gambler
  • Krakow
    FM • City of Fear
  • Realistic Birds
    Grapes of Wrath • A Dream About You
  • This Time Tomorrow
    The Kinks • Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One
  • And on that note... We cue the music
    Ghost Factory • Ghost Factory
  • Our Last Shot
    Groenland • The Chase
  • Hope For Now
    City And Colour • Little Hell
  • Anxiety
    Preoccupations • Preoccupations
  • Crack Teeth
    Evangelista • Prince of Truth
  • Readymade Heart Attack
    Axis of Conversation • Delusions of Safety
  • Disappear Here
    Sievi • Live at CJSW
  • Violet
    Sievi • Live at CJSW
  • Charms
    Sievi • Live at CJSW
  • Closure
    Crime Gold • demo 2018
  • Escape Wheel Original Mix
    Remediation • Remediation
  • B4U
    Vitaminsforyou • He Closed His Eyes So He Could Dance With You
  • Lucid in Fjords
    Pick A Piper • Pick A Piper