Dirty Needles – Episode August 23, 2019


  • Sweet Percy
    Percy Miracles • The Ladies' Champ
  • Sittin' Alone
    Little Brother • May The Lord Watch
  • Close Call
    88-Keys, featuring Phonte • The Story Of Adam
  • Not Here Anymore
    Phonte • Charity Starts At Home
  • I'm Lovin' It
    Little Brother • The Minstrel Show
  • Whatever You Say
    Little Brother • The Listening
  • The Time Is Now
    Jean Grae, featuring Phonte • Jeanius
  • For You
    Little Brother • The Listening
  • So Help Me God
    Phonte • No News Is Good News
  • Nothing Less
    Rapper Big Pooh • Delightful Bars
  • Scars
    Rapper Big Pooh • Sleepers
  • Livin' Like
    Ab-Soul, featuring Phonte • Long Term 2
  • Raw Life
    The Foreign Exchange • Connected
  • Black Magic (Make It Better)
    Little Brother • May the Lord Watch
  • Think Good Thoughts
    Drake, featuring Little Brother • Comeback Season
  • Good Clothes
    Little Brother • Get Back
  • Life of the party
    Little Brother, featuring Carlitta Durand • HOJ Soldiers of Fortune
  • Not Enough
    Little Brother, featuring Darien Brockington • The Minstrel Show
  • Home
    Little Brother, featuring Joe Scudda • Seperate But Equal
  • Bless The Child
    Jake One, featuring Little Brother • White Van Music
  • Let It Go
    Little Brother, featuring Mos Def • Seperate But Equal
  • Speed
    Little Brother • The Listening
  • Back at It
    Little Brother, featuring Cormega • And Justus For All
  • My Mind
    Rapper Big Pooh • Sleepers
  • A Word From Our Sponsors
    Little Brother, featuring Von Pea • And Justus For All