Doom What Thou Wilt – Episode November 8, 2016

Tonight Dark Agnes has some pals in the studio for witch and wizard puns.... because DWTW is fun like that! Prog and doom galore!


  • My Name is Free
    Kimi Karki • The Bone of My Bones
  • Rainbow Demon
    Uriah Heep • Demons & Wizards
  • The Witches Pathway
    Pagan Altar • Mythical and Magical
  • Le Feu Du Soleil
    Cauchemar • Tenebrario
  • Time Will Take Us All
    Viathyn • Cynosure
  • Blood of my Enemies
    Manowar • Hail to England
  • Destiny Falls to Ruin
    Solitude Aeternus • Into The Depths of Sorrow
  • The Undying Flame
    Dark Forest • Beyond the Veil
  • Wrath of the Ancients
    Scythia • ...Of Conquest
  • Eradication of Deviants
    Illegal Bodies • Mindflayers