Doom What Thou Wilt – Episode November 15, 2016

Tonight on the third final Doom What Thou Wilt is a local appearance by black metal band Traer and a ticket giveaway for Grim Reaper!


  • N.O.R.A.D (Doomsday City)
    Budgie • Deliver Us From Evil
  • Fly By Night
    Rush • Fly By Night
  • X-Ray Mirror
    Voivod • Nothingface
  • Hang Em' High
    Iniquity • Iniquity Demo
  • The Road to the Gravegarden
    Procession • Destroyers of the Faith
  • First Rider
    Traer • iitoomhkitopi
  • Crippled Wizard
    Cough • Ritual Abuse
  • Blood Sacrifice
    Traer • iitoomhkitopi
  • Adrift in Sepulchral Entropy
    Temple Nightside • The Hecatomb CD/LP