Ears Have Eyes – Episode November 9, 2022

Program: Ears Have Eyes

Length: 60 minutes

DECAY: degradation, release, and melting away (Radio Edit)

This month, we're highlighting sound-based artworks exploring DECAY as an abstract or literal phenomenon. In the organic world, decay is tied to end-of-life cycles and decomposition through bacteria and fungi. In music, decay references the time it takes for a sound to ring out, for a note to disappear into silence. But decay is so much more. A sound can decay, a garbage dump can rot, a person’s faith in their political system can degrade over time. Anything whole can begin to decay, but this process is just a part of the cycle of recession and growth – decay is useful. It nourishes. It makes fertilizer and comfortable homes for hibernating creatures. Do not be fooled: decay is not a dead process, it is alive with happenings. Decay is the home of transformation.

Alëna Korolëva
Andre Rodrigues
Artiom Constantinov
Dixie Treichel
Erik Salvaggio
Lauren Wong
Lewis Kaye
Peter Annear
Rotting Sounds

To learn more about these artists or to submit your own sound art to EARS HAVE EYES, visit www.hibernationproject.ca/ears-have-eyes/ or email [email protected]