Ears Have Eyes – Episode September 13, 2023

Program: Ears Have Eyes

Length: 60 minutes

FOREST PERSPECTIVE: whispers, wildfires, and rewilding words (Part 2)


In North America, it’s been a Summer of smoke, evacuations, and loss – not just for people, but for entire ecosystems. Wildfires are a natural forest cleansing process, but the type of wildfires we’re seeing in our carbon-superheated world are faster, hotter, and more pervasive than ever before. In acknowledgement of July as the hottest month ever recorded in human history, this month’s radio program invited local, national, and international sound artists to reflect on the non-human perspectives of forests.

FOREST PERSPECTIVE asks: how can we learn to think on the micro and macro scales of the forest, to prioritize the perspective of our non-human kin? Can radio be used as a tool for rewilding, building empathy and action between human listeners and the forests that surround, touch, and sustain us?

Constantine Katsiris
Deep Dive Sound
Sir Edward Dekeyser
Jaidy Díaz
Jenna Swift
Jorge Martínez Valderrama
Mike Hovancsek
Wayne DeFehr

BIG NEWS! We’re pleased to announce that, as of this month, EARS HAVE EYES is available on CJSW and Golden Co-Op Radio in Beautiful British Columbia, on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa People. You can listen online at goldencoopradio.ca. Thanks to Claire Dibble, and our gratitude, as always, to the folks at CJSW who have been airing this program since the beginning!

To learn more about the artists or submit your own sound art to EARS HAVE EYES, visit www.hibernationproject.ca/ears-have-eyes/ or email [email protected]