Floating Points – Episode January 26, 2018


  • Majnoun
    Teri Parker • In the Past
  • Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra (with Harp and Piano) feat. Beny Goodman, Clarinetist
    Aaron Copland, Columbia Symphony Strings • Aaron Copland Conducts his Clarinet Concerto
  • Blackwell's Message
    Liebman/Murley Quartet featuring Jim Vivian & Terry Clarke • Live at U of T
  • The Stephanies
    Party Pack ICE • Party Pack ICE
  • Gil (for Gil Evans)
    Brian Dickinson • Music For Jazz Orchestra
  • Japan
    Pharoah Sanders • Tauhid
  • Sun Song
    Steve Slagle • Dedication
  • Three Little Words
    Scott Hamilton Trio featuring Rossano Sportiello & J.J. Shakur • Live at Pyatt Hall
  • 4th Street Strut
    Adam Shulman Sextet • Full Tilt
  • The Group of 7
    Ilios Steryannis • Bethany Project