Folkcetera – Episode August 25, 2016


  • alberta bound
    Cam Penner • turning back the pages of my story
  • hillcrest mine
    james keelaghan • small rebelllions
  • blame i9 on the fields
    craig moreau • the daredevil kid
  • cowgirl's lullaby
    cindy church • word from the range
  • vagabond
    tom phillips/billy cowsill • the essential tom phillips
  • don't lose your way
    t buckley • nowhere fast
  • my alberta rose
    Mike Tod with robbie bankes • demos vol 1
  • blue wing
    j r shore • state theatre
  • alice
    robbie bankes • through february snow
  • seventh avenue
    jenny allen • if i fall
  • maybe in the morning
    Diamond Joe White • honestly
  • molten light
    Chad Van Gaalen • single
  • beauty grace heart
    Lorrie Matheson • the night is for sleepers
  • 29 ways
    Johnny v's blues allstars • if my daddy could see me now
  • the worst night of my life
    back alley john • one way ticket to palookaville
  • lookin for a sign
    ron casat • a showman's life
  • anywhere c/o the blues
    tim wiliams • so low
  • high ground
    Kris Demeanor • Entirely New Beasts
  • leis an Lurighan/the ingleneuk
    scatter the mud • in the mud
  • the bonnie lass of fivie
    seanachie • telling tales
  • when the works all done this fall/le rev du Queteux tremblay
    cowboy celtic • other people's cattle
  • how allen saved the radio station
    The Bownesians • i heart bowness
  • ripped off winkle
    allen baekeland • calgary does conners
  • melina's bath pt 1
    The Rembetika Hipsters • dinner in polidroso