Folkcetera – Episode September 8, 2016

les: a birthday suggests a look back. this week some songs - some profound some not so much - but each part of my life so far.


  • black sheep boy
    tim hardin • hang on to a dream
  • nothin but a cat
    don freed • don freed
  • whale of a tale
    Danny Michel • fibsville
  • fallow
    The Weakerthans • live session itunes
  • fisherman's blues
    The Waterboys • fisherman's blues
  • aux portes du matin
    Richard Séguin • aux portes du matin
  • she works
    Weddings parties anything • scorn of the women
  • ghosts of cable street
    the men they couldn't hang • how green was my valley
  • arrogance ignorance and greed
    show of hands • arrogance ignorance and greed
  • once we were anarchists
    Frank Turner • sleep is for the weak
  • hard part of town
    Tom Phillips • luck gone bad
  • carmelita
    warren zevon • warren zevon
  • mosquitos and cars
    Kris Demeanor • kris deMeanor
  • under a northern moon
    Lorrie Matheson • you should know by now
  • stuff that works
    t buckley • northern country soul
  • loch keeper
    stan rogers • from fresh water
  • hibbing
    nathan rogers • true stories
  • all that is
    garnet rogers • all that is
  • silent passage
    bob carpenter • silent passage
  • the national side
    romantica • america
  • caledonia
    dougie maclean • the plant life years
  • it's been a long time
    southside johnny and the asbury jukes • better days