Folkcetera – Episode June 15, 2017

les - tribute vin garbutt, rosalie sorrels, Jimmy LaFave - ron hynes james keelaghan, richard seguin, david francey, diamond joe white


  • walkin in jerusalem
    paul hann • paul hann
  • nothing to it
    Ramblin' Valley Band • Snoozegrass
  • white freightliner
    High Quandra Ramblers • Mom's Basement Sessions Vol. 1
  • the darkroom at the school
    Oh Susanna • A Girl in Teen City
  • hospital
    david francey • empty train
  • la papa de fin de semaine
    Richard Séguin • solo
  • my old man
    james keelaghan • road
  • my old man
    Ron Hynes • get back change
  • maybe in the morning
    Diamond Joe White • honestly
  • i am a union woman
    rosalie sorrels • the long memory
  • desparate men do desparate things
    Jimmy LaFave • favourites 1992-2001
  • hitchhiker in the rain
    Rosalie Sorrels • borderline heart
  • when it starts to rain
    Jimmy LaFave • favourites 1992-2001
  • in china or a woman's heart
    Rosalie Sorrels • report from grimes creek
  • if
    Vin Garbutt • synthetic hues
  • when the tide turns
    Vin Garbutt • the vin garbutt songbook
  • fell off the back of a boat
    Vin Garbutt • plugged
  • believe me if all those endearing young charms
    Vin Garbutt • plugged
  • they don't write them like that anymore
    Vin Garbutt • tossin a wobbler
  • absent friends
    Vin Garbutt • when the tide turns again
  • hornpipes -belfast/the japanese
    Vin Garbutt • eston california