Folkcetera – Episode April 29, 2021

90 minutes

les - new - queen esther allison russell valerie june justin rutledge donovan woods northumberland straight et al & songs for may day (labour and otherwise)


  • spring on the prairies
    connie kaldor • wood river
  • rain and snow
    P'tit Belliveau • Baptiste Comeau: Covers EP
  • alberta breeze
    Justin Rutledge • ISLANDS
  • she waits for me to come back
    Donovan Woods, Katie Pruitt • Without People (Deluxe)
  • wondering if i am going to last
    noah derksen • america, dreaming
  • persephone
    Allison Russell • outside child
  • the whiskey wouldn't let me pray
    Queen Esther • Gild the Black Lily
  • stay
    Valerie June • The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers
  • will you
    peach and quiet • just beyond the shine
  • northumberland straight
    Jay Pollman • One Day Older None The Wiser
  • tales of the phantom ship
    lennie gallant • breakwater
  • over northumberland
    Rick Sparkes + The Enablers • Pleasure in the Pathless Woods
  • fare thee well. northumberland
    mark knopfler • the ragpicker's dream
  • walking song
    Kate & Anna McGarrigle • dancer with bruised knees
  • as soon as i find my shoes i'm gone
    ferron • shadows on a dime
  • muddy roads
    kate wolf • poet's heart
  • the circle
    colleen peterson • postcards from california
  • worker's song
    Dick Gaughan • handful of earth
  • stupid's pledge
    u utah phillips • i've got to know
  • she works
    Weddings Parties Anything • scorn of the women
  • flesh and blood
    rum ragged • the hard times
  • solidarity
    Bill & Joel Plaskett • solidarity
  • hal-an-tow
    oysterband • wide blue yonder