Fossil Records – Episode September 15, 2018

December 1996


  • Behind The Beehive
    Zumpano • Goin' Through Changes
  • Followers Of Obvious Voices
    Duotang • Smash The Ships And Raise The Beams
  • The World's Most Famous Undertaker
    Skeleton Key • Skeleton Key
  • You Bet
    Railroad Jerk • The Third Rail
  • Beginning To Show
    Soft Tips • Soft Tips
  • Out Of Our Tree
    The Von Zippers • Still No Name
  • Preoccupation
    The Shinolas • Poisson
  • Sailor Boy
    Placebo • Sailor Boy 7"
  • Full Throttle
    Scratching Post • More Of Our Stupid Noise
  • Bubble And Star (Here's Where The Guitar Comes In)
    Treble Charger • More Of Our Stupid Noise
  • Yours Truly
    The New Grand • More Of Our Stupid Noise
  • Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne And Shirley Theme Song)
    Len • More Of Our Stupid Noise
  • To Kick In A Lover's Door
    The Molochs • Flowers in the Spring
  • Four Leaf Clover
    The Kooks • Let's Go Sunshine
  • Queen Of My School
    The Lemon Twigs • Go To School
  • Come Up With Me
    Guerilla Toss • Twisted
  • C
    Oh Sees • Smote Reverser