Fossil Records – Episode October 6, 2018

Tallan Plays Bands That Are Not Real!!!


  • InBetween 2 and 3
    Gratuitous Platypus • I Don't Really Like Getting Out of Bed
  • Ice Cream Man
    Human Music • Human Music
  • Holes In The Sky
    Hearing Trees • Quiet Dreams
  • Green Eyes
    Territories • Territories
  • Sister
    Treecrusher • Yes I Don't
  • It's Getting Weird
    The Tubuloids • Getting Weird
  • Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head
    Gorillaz • Demon Days
  • Cantina Band
    John Williams • Star Wars (Sound Track)
  • Can You Picture That
    Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem • The Muppet Movie (Sound Track)
  • Earth, Wind Fire, And Air
    Moon Sisters • Embers of Beauty
  • Garbage Truck
    Sex Bob-Omb • Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (Sound Track)
  • Gimme Some Loven'
    The Blues Brothers • Blues Brothers (Sound Track)
  • Rock 'N' Roll Creation
    Spinal Tap • Back From The Dead
  • Zach's Song
    School of Rock • School Of Rock (Sound Track)
  • Chemical Problem
    Piss Head • Life Is Strange Before The Storm
  • Are You Ready For Me
    Pretty Vicious • Are You Read For Me Single
  • The Lost Vikings
    Dethklok • The DeathAlbum