Free Verse – Episode February 8, 2023


  • The Chorus in the Underground
    Great Lake Swimmers • Lost Channels
  • In America There's Everything
    Gary Davenport, Mannequin • Scattered Thoughts
  • I Wish I Was the Moon
    Andrew Sa • Cosmic Country Stars
  • Poet's Highway
    Jr. Gone Wild • Too Dumb to Quit
  • Too Many Snakes
    Trailer Bride • Whine De Lune
  • Crooked Tree
    Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway • Crooked Tree
  • THe Blood Is the Life
    Long Gone Lonesomes • A Whisper, A Dying Breath, A FInal Sigh
  • Foxgloves
    Cold Water • Instead, I Am a Golden Oriole
  • Great Atomic Power
    Moonshine Willy • Pecadores
  • Failing Upwards
    Deanna Petcoff • To Hell With You, I love You