The Good Medicine Show – Episode February 16, 2023

Cam gives you what spoke to him this week. We laugh, we cry, maybe we even might learn something along the way.


  • Story Of Blood
    John Cale, featuring Weyes Blood • Mercy
  • Black Rose
    Billy Joe Shaver • Old Five and Dimers Like Me
  • The Sky Awaits
    Long Gone Lonesomes • A Whisper, A Dying Breath, A FInal Sigh
  • You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do Too)
    Lisa LeBlanc • Highways, Heartaches and TIme Well Wasted
  • L'Hiver Est Long Chez Vous
    Margaret Tracteur • Margaret Tracteur
  • Murder, I Wrote
    The Dust Collectors • Filtered Gems
  • Go Man Go
    Double Rider • Times of the Day
  • Pizza Party For One
    B.A. Johnston • Shit Sucks
  • Prairie Fire
    I Am A Coyote • Hometown Mystic
  • Fancy Dance
    Black Belt Eagle Scout • The Land, The Water, The Sky
  • Rock River
    King Tuff • Smalltown Stardust
  • Sunday
    Death Valley Girls • Islands In The Sky
  • Hug
    R.Ring • single
  • It Will Never Stop
    Sparklehorse • single
  • Bird
    White Lung • Premonition
  • Five and Dime Conjures
    The Drin • Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom
  • Pig Pen
    Squint • Wash Away - EP
  • Greedy Guts
    Thumper • Delusions of Grandeur
  • Weed Pin
    Drug Church • single
  • You're Not Evil
    Black Flag • Slip It In
  • White Van
    Lambrini Girls • single
  • Alligator Stomp
    The Cramps • Look Mom No Head!
  • The Heretic
    Marcher • Marcher
  • Step To Rhythym
    Turnstile • Step To Rhythm
  • Stay Cold
    Trapped Under Ice • Stay Cold
  • Friday Night
    Cancer Bats, featuring Amy Walpole • single
  • Cemetary Wander
    Carnifex • Graveside Confessions
  • Rubble Home
    Full Of Hell & Primitive Man • Suffocating Hallucination
  • People's Protection Program
    Moxiebeat • Pop Sounds
  • Call of the Void
    Cydemind • The Descent