Hearth2Heart – Episode September 26, 2022

Program: Hearth2Heart

Length: 30 minutes

Curiosity Starts with a Beer, with Inez Ashworth - Landed co-author

"A sense of belonging comes when you can be your true authentic self.”

In this episode, we talk about the role of curiosity in creating community with Landed’s co-author, Inez Ashworth. Inez, founder of Inclusive Concepts, is a cultural innovator and a trusted advocate with her own unique style. Her life and career have been dedicated to working for equality and justice, bringing people together and creating inclusive environments where everyone can be their authentic selves. Much of Inez’s energy and inspiration comes from community work, volunteering, and mentoring minority students. Inez is one of the sponsors of the Landed Book Launch celebration on Sep 17; as well as the co-founder of Human Movement from Sep18-20 which is one-of-a-kind event to inspire a community of changemakers to gather, reflect, and learn together.