Hearth2Heart – Episode January 23, 2023

Program: Hearth2Heart

Length: 31 minutes

Be You...You Can with Benazir Rahman

Change is never easy but it is possible when you set your mind to it and add a (not-so-secret) ingredient...

"I feel a sense of belonging when people believe in my strengths and skills and opportunity, and the other way when I give back to the community...when I help a new immigrant."

After having to move countries during a pandemic with a toddler in tow, Benazir Rahman joins us on this episode to share her tips for a successful transition, including the message from her story in Landed - "Be You, You Can". Born and raised in Bangladesh, and a researcher by profession, she now works at the University of Calgary as a Global Development Specialist. Her areas of interest include international trade, social work, and post-secondary education.

Having experienced generosity and kindness as a new immigrant in Calgary, Benazir believes in the power of giving back and is currently helping Afghan refugees find meaningful employment.

In addition, Benazir and Gayathri discuss the Landed book publication journey, and Gayathri peels back the curtains on her learnings in this episode.