Hearth2Heart – Episode November 21, 2022

Program: Hearth2Heart

Length: 31 minutes

Unlocking the Keys to Transformation, with Drew Soleyn

Change is never easy but it is possible when you set your mind to it and add a (not-so-secret) ingredient...

In this episode, Gayathri chats with her own coach, Drew Soleyn, who supported her transition into entrepreneurship. Drew is a career coach at Queen's University and also the Founder of Connected Dads and Director at Dads Central Ontario. As a dad himself, he believes his children are the greatest gift he's ever received - and helping them find and live out their purpose is the most important "work" he will ever do in life.

Tune in to hear Drew share his journey and insights into living to your fullest potential.

Links mentioned in episode - https://www.campfirekinship.com https://connecteddads.ca/ https://dadcentral.ca/ www.instagram.com/campfire_kinship