Her Royal Opinion – Episode February 2, 2017

Playing the jams from Bonobo, Louis the Child, Lewis Lane and more! Hear a short interview with Flopsy Life creator and a shout out to EDAW.


  • Break Apart
    Bonobo, featuring Rhye • Migration
  • Overflow
    SMLE, featuring Helen Tess • n/a
  • Runaway Love ( Ben Benim Remix)
    Lewis Lane • n/a
  • Sanctuary (William Black Remix)
    Gareth Emery, featuring Lucy Saunders • n/a
  • Forever
    Adventure Club, featuring Ben Stevenson • n/a
  • Mad About You
    Koni, featuring Danelle • n/a
  • Holy
    Ryan Hemsworth, featuring Ryan Playground, Swim Good Now • n/a
  • Aubrey Hepburn
    Hood Joplin • n/a
  • Interview with Britt Tataryn of Flopsy Life
    FlopsyLife.com • n/a
  • YDU (Phiilo Remix)
    Opia • n/a
  • Love is Alive
    Louis The Child, featuring Elohim • n/a
  • Fall into Me (Heuse Remix)
    Arrient, featuring Evoke • n/a
  • Gemini Feed
    Banks • The Alter
  • Tribes
    Beach Season • Libra Year