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Identifying Canadians: Canada Day through the eyes of BIPOC

Listen to the stories of others and celebrate the BIPOC experience in Canada.

On June 30th, 2022, CJSW Radio was invited to record the “Identifying Canadians: Canada Day through the eyes of BIPOC” panel held at The GRAND in Calgary, Alberta.

Through music, poetry, and educational conversation, “Identifying Canadians” discussed how the concept of “Canadian identity” can look and feel different for racialized Canadians. Speakers and artists were invited to share thoughts, feelings, and vulnerable moments related to personal lived experiences, spotlighting the ongoing need for discussions surrounding Canada Day.

Guest panelists featured in this recording are Michelle Robinson, Dr. Gina Ko, aloT of Poetry (Adetola Adedipe), and Akuecleng “Kwe” Degal.

Special thanks to Latoya Elle for organizing the event and supplying CJSW Radio with cover art for the show.


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