Jazz Today – Episode April 22, 2021

90 minutes

Lina Allemano Four, Emily Steinwall, Jesse Ryan, Miguel Zenon & Luis Perdomo, Eliana Cuevas, Mauricio Morales, Pino Palladino & Blake Mills, Sam Gendel, MAST


  • Onions
    Lina Allemano Four, featuring Brodie West, Andrew Downing & Nick Fraser • Vegetables
  • Welcome to the Garden
    Emily Steinwall • Welcome to the Garden
  • S.O.T.S. (Sons of the Soil) Prelude
    Jesse Ryan, featuring Mt. Cullane Tambrin Band & Ewen Farncombe • Bridges
  • S.O.T.S. (Sons of the Soil)
    Jesse Ryan, featuring Mt. Cullane Tambrin Band • Bridges
  • La Vida Es Un Sueno
    Miguel Zenón, Luis Perdomo • El Arte Del Bolero
  • El Currucha
    Eliana Cuevas, featuring Aquiles Baez • El Curruchá
  • Luna
    Mauricio Morales, featuring Aidan Lombard • Luna
  • Just Wrong
    Pino Palladino & Blake Mills • Notes With Attachments
  • Eternal Loop
    Sam Gendel • Fresh Bread
  • Call to Action
    MAST • Battle Hymns of the Republic
  • Revolutionize
    Adrian Younge • The American Negro
  • Paradise Trinity
    Cameron Graves • Seven
  • The Collective Memory
    Cathlene Pineda • Rainbow Baby
  • Pastures of Plenty
    Tina Raymond • Left Right Left
  • I'll Be Seeing You
    Nedelle Torrisi, Larry Goldings • Five Songs
  • Emily (Live at the Yardbird Suite)
    Al Muirhead Quintet • Live From Frankie's & The Yardbird