Jazz Today – Episode April 29, 2021

90 minutes

Jen Shyu, Vijay Iyer, Hafez Modirzadeh, Sarah Rossy, Jacob Fossum, Cat Toren, Ocelot, Thumbscrew, Michael Gregory Jackson, Andrew Cyrille, Mark Feldman, Lara Solnicki, Jeremy Siskind


  • Lament for Breonna Taylor
    Jen Shyu & Jade Tongue • Zero Grasses: Ritual for the Losses
  • Children of Flint
    Vijay Iyer, featuring Linda May Han Oh & Tyshawn Sorey • Uneasy
  • Facet 39 Mato Paha
    Hafez Modirzadeh, featuring Tyshawn Sorey • Facets
  • Boundless Beings
    Sarah Rossy Chamber Ensemble • Boundless Beings - single
  • Dusty Bones
    Red Fosphorus, featuring P. Jacob Fossum • Dusty Bones - single
  • Garment of Destiny
    Cat Toren's Human Kind • Scintillating Beauty
  • Anemone
    Ocelot, featuring Cat Toren, Yuma Uesaka, & Colin Hinton • Ocelot
  • Emojis Have Consequences
    Thumbscrew • Never Is Enough
  • A Meditation
    Michael Gregory Jackson • Frequency Equilibrium Koan
  • Pretty Beauty
    Andrew Cyrille, featuring Wadada Leo Smith & Bill Frisell • Lebroba
  • Maniac
    Mark Feldman • Sounding Point
  • Furling Leaf, Retrocede
    Lara Solnicki, featuring Jonathan Goldsmith, Peter Lutek, Rob Piltch, Scott Peterson, & Davide Di Renzo • The One And The Other
  • Piccadilly Circus
    Jeremy Siskind • Perpetual Motion: Etudes for Piano