Jazz Today – Episode May 6, 2021

Listener Appreciation Week 2021, featuring all Canadian artists


  • Beatrice
    Sam Wilson • Into a Heart, Pt. II
  • Danforth
    Andrew Miller, featuring Kenji Omae, David Reid, and Patrick Reid • Isabella
  • Dreaming of
    Jacob Wutzke, featuring Lucas Dubovik, Ilhan Saferali, and Levi Dover • Dreaming of - single
  • much gratitude to you, for you
    Jessica Ackerley • Morning/Mourning
  • Xion
    Stephanie Urquhart, featuring Peter Zawalski, Josh McHan, and Joel Jeschke • Concealment
  • Fringes
    Good Information • Fringes - single
  • Oracle of Chanterelle
    Bloop, featuring Lina Allemano and Mike Smith • Proof
  • Underground Over Night
    See Through 4, featuring Pete Johnston, Lina Allemano, Michael Davidson, & Jake Oelrichs • Permanent Moving Parts
  • Sanctum
    Colin Fisher • Reflections of the Invisible World
  • An Alterior Motif
    Lorne Lofsky • This Song Is New
  • Here and Heaven
    Amanda Tosoff, featuring Michelle Willis and Alex Samaras • Earth Voices
  • A Case of You
    Laila Biali, featuring George Koller and Ben Wittman • A Case of You - single
  • While We Wait
    Dominique Fils-Aimé • Three Little Words
  • Nouvelle Lune
    Mireille Boily • Refuges movants
  • Q-Line
    Misc, featuring Jerome Beaulieu, Simon Page, and William Cote • Partager l'ambulance
  • Genealogy
    CODE Quartet, featuring Christine Jensen, Lex French, Adrian Vedady, and Jim Doxas • Genealogy
  • Going Down Slow
    Kevin Dean • Going Down Slow