Jazz Today – Episode June 10, 2021

90 minutes

Johanna Burnheart, Amanda Whiting, Alfa Mist, STR4TA, Sons of Kemet, Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble, Carlos Nino & Friends, Sam Gendel, Mauricio Morales, MAST, Dan Rosenboom, Anthony Fung


  • Mensch
    Johanna Burnheart • Burnheart
  • Messed Up
    Amanda Whiting • After Dark
  • Run Outs
    Alfa Mist • Bring Backs
  • Dance Desire
    STR4TA • Aspects
  • Pick Up Your Burning Cross
    Sons of Kemet, featuring Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid • Black to the Future
  • Keep Your Mind Free
    Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble, featuring Ben LaMar Gay • Now
  • Please, wake up.
    Carlos Niño & Friends, featuring Jamael Dean & Shabaka Hutchings • More Energy Fields, Current
  • Infant Eyes (Live in Japan)
    Sam Gendel • Fresh Bread
  • Terremoto
    Mauricio Morales, featuring Roni Eytan & Hailey Niswanger • Luna
  • The Anti-Fascist Battle Hymn
    MAST • Battle Hymns of the Republic
  • A Force for Good
    Dan Rosenboom • Points on an Infinite Line
  • A Call for Peace
    Anthony Fung • Flashpoint
  • Terre
    Mireille Boily, featuring David Binney, Luca Mendoza, Logan Kane & Anthony Fung • Refuges movants
  • Summer Theatre
    Michael Johancsik, featuring Andrew Boudreau • A Boat to Nowhere - EP
  • Day Moon
    CODE Quartet, featuring Christine Jensen, Lex French, Adrian Vedady & Jim Doxas • Genealogy