Jazz Today – Episode September 22, 2022

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

The Ostara Project, Neil Swainson, Grant Stewart, Alexander Claffy, Seamus Blake, Donny McCaslin, Mark Guiliana, Nate Wood, Kneebody, Denin Slage-Koch & Bobby Wiens, Robert Diack, Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf, Allison Miller & Jane Ira Bloom


  • Bye Bye Blackbird
    The Ostara Project, featuring Joanna Majoko, Allison Au, Rachel Therrien, Jocelyn Gould, Amanda Tosoff, Jodi Proznick & Sanah Kadoura • The Ostara Project
  • Fire in the West
    Neil Swainson • Fire in the West
  • Mo Is On
    Grant Stewart Quartet with Bruce Harris • The Lighting of the Lamps
  • Your Flowers
    Alexander Claffy • Music from Big Orange
  • Points of a Star
    Seamus Blake • New York Factor, Vol. 1
  • Body Blow
    Donny McCaslin • Body Blow - single
  • a path to bliss
    Mark Guiliana • the sound of listening
  • No!
    Nate Wood • Step Aside
  • Drum Battle (Live)
    Kneebody • Live at Le Crescent
  • I'd Say It's Going Very Well
    Denin Slage-Koch, Bobby Wiens • Temporary Songs
  • Houndstooth
    Robert Diack • Small Bridges
  • Top Shelf
    Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf • Nearness
  • A & J's Test Kitchen
    Allison Miller & Jane Ira Bloom • Tues Days