Jazz Today – Episode November 10, 2022

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Joanna Borromeo, Caity Gyorgy, Laila Biali, Ernesto Cervini, Robert Diack, Diana Panton, Barbra Lica, Trevor Falls, Lauren Falls, Carsten Rubeling, Chris Andrew, P.J. Perry, Grant Stewart, Michael Sarian, Michael Blake, Michael Kaeshammer


  • Your Shoes
    Joanna Borromeo • Kaleidoscope
  • A Moment
    Caity Gyorgy, featuring Allison Au • Featuring
  • Autumn Leaves
    Laila Biali • Your Requests, Volume 1
  • Three Pines
    Ernesto Cervini • Joy
  • Sassafras
    Robert Diack • Small Bridges
  • This Will Make You Laugh
    Diana Panton • blue
  • Girls Like Me
    Barbra Lica • Imposter Syndrome
  • Les Filles
    Trevor Falls • Les Filles
  • New View
    Lauren Falls • A Little Louder Now
  • Lake of Falls
    Carsten Rubeling • Headwaters
  • Down Up
    Chris Andrew • Home
  • Agoraphobia
    P.J. Perry • No Hugs
  • A Piece of Art
    Grant Stewart Quartet with Bruce Harris • The Lighting of the Lamps
  • The Pilgrim
    Michael Sarian, featuring Santiago Leibson, Marty Kenney and Nathan Ellman-Bell • Living at the End of the World
  • Henry's Boogaloo
    Michael Blake, featuring Clark Gayton and Steven Bernstein • Combobulate
  • Bourbon Street Parade
    Michael Kaeshammer • The Warehouse Sessions