Jazz Today – Episode November 17, 2022

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Ezra Collective, Sarathy Korwar, Theon Cross, Tom Skinner, KOKOROKO, Laura Jurd, Rebecca Nash, Gentiane MG, Brulez les meubles, Chet Doxas, Caleb Wheeler Curtis, Jairus Sharif, Francisco Mela & Zoh Amba, William Parker


  • No Confusion
    Ezra Collective, featuring Kojey Radical • Where I'm Meant to Be
  • Remember to Look Out for the Signs
    Sarathy Korwar, featuring Photay • Kalak
  • Wings
    Theon Cross • Wings / Back to Africa - EP
  • Bishara
    Tom Skinner • Voices of Bishara
  • Tojo
    Kokoroko • Could We Be More
  • Fuzzy
    Laura Jurd • The Big Friendly Album
  • Iridium II
    Rebecca Nash • Redefining Element 78
  • Mesanges
    Gentiane MG • Walls Made of Glass
  • L'appel du vide
    Brûlez les meubles • L'appel due vide
  • Dialogue
    Brûlez les meubles • Tardif
  • The Slopes of Saint Tite des Caps
    Chet Doxas • Rich in Symbols 2: the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, & Emily Carr
  • Trembling
    Caleb Wheeler Curtis, featuring Orrin Evans, Eric Revis and Gerald Cleaver • Heatmap
  • Dr. Teddy's Hi Test
    Jairus Sharif • Water & Tools
  • Dos Vidas
    Francisco Mela, Zoh Amba • Causa y Efecto, Vol. 1
  • Tails of a Peacock
    William Parker • Universal Tonality