Local Singles – Episode February 14, 2024

This week's episode was themed all around Valentine's Day!


  • u still love me
    Alexis Meier, Jomarii • u still love me
  • End Of The World (Missing You)
    Astral Swans • Astral Swans
  • Here with You
    Evan Freeman • Luna
  • I Still Believe in Love
    Crystal Eyes • The Sweetness Restored
  • All My Friends
    Motiv • All My Friends
  • Self Love
    Earthquake Pills • General Happiness
  • Take Me Back
    Astrocaster • Backwards
  • Fine Without You
    Floral Green • Burn
  • My Love
    Gratuitous Platypus • If I Smile, Can I Go?
  • Get Loved
    All Hands On Jane • Get Loved
  • Sacrifice Your Love
    The Fizzgigs • Sacrifice Your Love
  • Useless Lovin'
    The Hi-Tops • Whoever Gets It, Gets It