Local Singles – Episode February 21, 2024

Program: Local Singles

Length: 60 minutes

Eric John from Blue Willow Entertainment joined us for a phone interview to talk about an upcoming event at Trolley 5 on March 1st. "BWE presents: Prez Seth's Birthday Bash + Fundraiser for The Calgary Food Bank at Trolley 5! Tickets are $10 in advance, $20 at the door OR $15 with a food bank donation. Doors at 7PM with performances by: Kate Reid, Eric John, BlnkCadet, Nik Poli, and Cheyanne Summers."


  • Cursed
    Sunglaciers • Cursed
  • The Words I've Said Before
    Doug Hoyer • The Words I've Said Before
  • Time With You
    Eric John • We're All The Same
  • The Lone Wolf
    Wyzaker • Scarecrow EP
  • Unique Formula
    bRavenous, Uncle Fester, Ghettosocks • Ghosts Of Rockingham 2
  • Work
    Jackie Art, Merkules • Work
  • Obsolescent Heart
    The Galacticas • Planned Obsolescence
  • Vanity
    Crooked Spies • Vanity
  • Lowest Common Denominator
    No Brainer • Lowest Common Denominator
  • I'd Paint the Wall Red (If I had the time or the Guts)
    Toxic Fem • Toxic Fem Just Won't Shut Up!