Many Different Birds – Episode November 14, 2023

Program: Many Different Birds

Length: 89 minutes

Episode 4 - An “energetic” approach to healthcare with Aubrey-Anne Laliberte-Pewapisconias

How can we make our healthcare system energetically green?

We were fortunate to host an episode with our first out-of-province speaker Aubrey-Anne Laliberte-Pewapisconias, a nêhiyâskwew (nehiha-skwayo) from Canoe Lake Cree First Nation and Little Pine First Nation. She is pursuing a Master of Sustainability in Energy Security program at the University of Saskatchewan. Her passion for energy sustainability is contagious and truly inspirational. We invite you to embark on a journey as we cover youth activism, the 2023 Y20 summit, G20, sustainable energy, and green hospitals.