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Many Different Birds

Hosted By: Nidhi Kotikalapudi, Arushi Shah, Harveen Saini

Many Different Birds aims to create a safe platform to address healthcare challenges, communicate lived experiences, and provide knowledge about cultural health and wellness practices in Indigenous communities. Through facilitating dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, we hope to identify healthcare barriers that many Indigenous communities face when interacting with healthcare providers, seeking treatment, and navigating differing cultural and health values. In addition, our goal is to provide a platform for guest speakers to share their lived experiences with the current Canadian healthcare system and provide knowledge about Indigenous ways of knowing. We hope to use the information gained through these discussions to educate individuals and address healthcare barriers. This podcast allows Indigenous knowledge keepers and individuals who work closely with Indigenous communities to comfortably discuss issues beyond classroom settings and textbook knowledge. This knowledge-sharing allows us to ask critical questions and challenge our biases to go beyond what we “think” we already know.

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