Megawatt Mayhem – Episode June 25, 2017

Episode 1500-31 "Covered In Metal' Your requests, all covers tunes.


  • Megawatt Theme
    Metalium • Millennium Metal: Chapter One
  • Kings Of Metal (Originally recorded by Manowar)
    Debauchery • Back In Blood
  • Heavy Metal Maniac (Originally recorded by Exciter)
    Annhilator • Metal
  • The Green Manalishi (Originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac)
    Judas Priest • Unleashed In The East
  • Women In Uniform (Originally recorded by Skyhooks)
    Iron Maiden • Women In Uniform single
  • These Boots (Originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra)
    Megadeth • Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
  • The Hunter (Originally recorded by Albert Lee)
    Danzig • Danzig
  • War Pigs (Originally recorded by Black Sabbath)
    Faith No More • The Real Thing
  • Astronomy Divine (Originally recorded by Pink Floyd)
    Voi-vod • Nothingface
  • Please Don't Leave (Originally recorded by John Sykes)
    Pretty Maids • Sin Decade
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name (Originally recorded by Iron Maiden)
    Cradle Of Filth • Cruelty And The Beast
  • Circle Of The Tyrants (Originally recorded by Celtic Frost)
    Opeth • My Arms, Your Hearse
  • Whiskey In A Jar (Originally recorded by Thin Lizzy)
    Metallica • Garage Inc.
  • It's A Sin (Originally recorded by Pet Shop Boys)
    Gamma Ray • Powerplant
  • I Am A Viking (Originally recorded by Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
    Pathos • Guitar Odyssey: A Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Sympathy For The Devil (Originally recorded by Rolling Stones)
    Tiamat • Skeleton Skeltron
  • Scottish Hell (Originally recorded by Dead Horse)
    Entombed • Uprising
  • One (Originally recorded by Metallica)
    Impious • A Tribute to Metallica III
  • Wind Beneath My Wings (Originally recorded by Bette Midler)
    Sonata Arctica • Orientation
  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (Originally recorded by Abba)
    Beseech • Souls Highway
  • Opps, I Did It Again (Originally recorded by Brittney Spears)
    Children Of Bodom • Are You Dead Yet?
  • Rasputin (Originally recorded by Boney M.)
    Turisas • Rasputin single
  • Crazy Train (Originally recorded by Ozzy)
    Procession • Crazy Train single
  • Poker Face (Originally recorded by Lady Gaga)
    Leo Moracchioli • Poker Face single
  • California Dreamin' (Originally recorded by The Mama's And Papa's)
    Mors Principum Est • Dawn Of The Fifth Era
  • Eleanor Rigby (Originally recorded by Beatles)
    Realm • Endless War
  • Barbara Ann (Originally recorded by
    Blind Guardian • Follow The Blind
  • Surfin' USA (Originally recorded by Beach Boys)
    Blind Guardian • Forgotten Tales)
  • Mr. Sandman (Originally recorded by The Cordettes)
    Blind Guardian • Bright Eyes (single)