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New Horizons

Sunday 1pm - 2pm

New Horizons is a block dedicated to emerging hosts on CJSW. Hear the radio stars of tomorrow during their 8-week on-air residency.

Clear Kicking Motion hosted by Parker

Clear Kicking Motion is a show that encourages two-footed slide tackles AND cross-checking, all in 1 convenient, weekly dose. Subjects of conversation revolve around local and broader hockey news, as well as conversation about current events in soccer around the world. Particular focus will be on the local teams, namely the Calgary Flames and Cavalry FC. Musically, Clear Kicking Motion takes direction from the only feature that changes on the yearly installments of the NHL and FIFA videogames, which is their soundtracks, and smooths the transition between NHL’s gritty rock tracks and FIFA’s pop and alternative tracks, with smaller and Canadian musical acts.

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