Noise – Episode May 18, 2017

New recordings, Bijan Mayasami live at CJSW playing santur, fire alarm with Ohama!


  • Multiambient tower soundscape
    Ohama • Grrlz Monosynth Tower
  • ontario
    Bonobo • Migration
  • Strumming Music Part 1
    Charlemagne Palestine • Strumming Music LP
  • Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plan
    Tony Conrad • Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain
  • Live in Studio
    Bijan Maysami • Live at CJSW
  • Santur Duo
    Bijan Maysami and Amir Amirir • duo
  • Multiambient Tower Soundscape
    Ohama • Grrlz Monosynth Tower
  • i'm No Heroine
    Emily Wells • In the Hot
  • Every Time a Jazz Bra
    Jazz Bras Dot Com • Witch Tapes
  • Entire Population
    Jessica Moss • Pools of Light
  • To Allow us All to Breath
    Saltland • A Common Truth