Noise – Episode May 25, 2017

Goodbye Roger Moore, Hello Evelyn Glennie, many women string players


  • Gloria la Excelsio Roger Moore
    Kenneth Doren • allegro molto con brio king kong
  • Lazarus
    David Bowie • Dark Star
  • James Bond Theme
    Naked City • Naked City
  • This Place
    Evelyn Evelyn Glennie and Fred Frith • Evelyn Glennie and Fred Frith
  • To Me He Said Enough Enough
    Jerusalem in My Heart • If He dies if if if if if
  • Put it down on Me
    Emily Wells • In the Hot
  • To Allow Us to Breathe
    Saltland • A Common Truth
  • Entire Populations
    Jessica Moss • Pools of Light
  • Second Degraded Hymn
    Those Who Walk Away • The Infected Mass
  • World to Come
    Maya Beiser • World To come
  • The Warm Shoulder
    Mary Lattimore • Collected Pieces
  • War Games
    Amy Brandon • Scavenger
  • The Blue Lagoon
    FOONYAP • Palimpsest
  • Come Around
    Ana & Ina • On Dockweiler Beach