Noise – Episode August 24, 2017

Canadian music classical, jazz, electronic, you name it, celebrate Canada, we have so much good here.


  • Raven Tales
    Standing Wave, Marcus Godard • New Wave
  • Bookburners
    Nicole Lizée • Bookburners
  • Double Sextet
    Thin Edge New Music Collective, Steve Reich, Ensemble Paramirabo • Raging Against the Machine
  • Peace/Agency
    Construction and Destruction • Noli Timere
  • Everything Moves
    Fond of Tigers • Uninhabit
  • Zombilly Credits
    Bob Keeleghan • Country Fresh
  • B
    Sam Shalabi, Stefan Christoff • Sam Shalabi & Stefan Christoff
  • Suspension
    Valiska • Healer
  • Burning Bush
    Mark Templeton • Gentle Heart
  • clockwork
    Amy Brandon • Scavenger
  • Pas Trop Pas Trop
    Bruce Cawdron, Rebecca Foon (Esmerine) • Lost Voices
  • Sound Mind Sound
    Echo Beach • Where Were You At Night
  • Cognitive Decline
    Jesse Zubot • Dementia
  • I dream of Reaching Space but couldn't calculate the escape velocity for reality
    An Ant And An Atom • Exterior
  • Tulip Season
    Ryan Driver • Who's Breathing