Noise – Episode January 18, 2018

Special Feature on Calgary composer Lesley Hinger, as well as the exploration of other contemporary compositions from Canada and beyond.


  • Sun in Aquairus
    Pharoah Sanders • Jewels of Thought
  • Little Streams Make Big Rivers
    Esmerine • La Lechuza
  • Katana of Choice
    Ben Reimer • Katana of Choice
  • Rapid Eye Movement
    Ron Samworth • Dogs Do Dream
  • From Within
    Lesley Hinger • Test Pattern: Lesley Hinger
  • Traces
    Véronique Mathieu, Stephanie Chua • True North
  • Heartbeatz
    Lesley Hinger • Test Pattern: Lesley Hinger
  • Old Anew
    Ensemble, et al. • The Slow Reveal
  • Oh, Please
    Velvet Glacier • La Retour des Rois (la trilogie)
  • 3
    L'ocelle mare • L'ocelle mare
  • One Day of an Almost Ordinary Life
    Andre Moisan; Quatuor Molinari • Klezmer Dreams
  • 02 Road to Damascus
    Dorothy Hindman • Tightly Wound