Noise – Episode April 25, 2019

Listener Appreciation! All the noise hits!


  • Gui La Testa (Duck You Sucka)
    John Zorn • The Big Gundown
  • Dance 2
    Philip Glass • Einstein on the Beach
  • Pug Pit
    Aa • VoyAager
  • A Conversation on Footsteps
    Bitter Fictions • Jettison
  • A Carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond
    Captain Beefheart • Doc At The Radar Station
  • Run Paint Run Run
    Captain Beefheart • Doc At the RadarStation
  • Uber Schnitzel
    Defend The Rhino • Glisten
  • Let x=x It Tango
    Laurie Anderson • Big Science
  • Enjoy your Worries You may never Have them Again
    The Books • Thought For Food
  • Nick Zammuto
    We The Animals • Haircut
  • Osechi
    Ms. Indie Pop • Triangle
  • Scared Song
    Meredith Monk • Do Me Be
  • Aus Den Sieben Tagen XI Intensitat
    Zeitkratzer-Keiji Haino • Stockhausen: Aus Den Sieben Tagen
  • Helter Stupid
    Negativland • Helter Stupid Prologue
  • If I Was President
    Frank Zappa • Frank Zappa fro President
  • Psycho Main Theme
    Petra Haden • Petra Goes To the Movies
  • Toothsayer
    Tanya Tagaq • Toothsayer
  • Fanfare for the Polyethylene Vinyl
    Matmos • Plastic Anniversary
  • Koli Lil Mali7ati
    Jerusalem in My Heart • Mo7it al-Mo7it