Noise – Episode July 14, 2022

Calum is back tonight, filling in for Paula, bringing with them a delightfully eclectic mix of music from around the world and right at home, from throughout history, the fantastically medieval to the wonderfully futuristic. Tune in, turn on, & drop out, to a curated soundtrack for your Thursday evening truly like no other!


  • Bay Whale
    Lee Livingston, featuring Shauna Sheppard • Eternity EP
  • grass seed
    hello moth • birds on wires
  • O vos omnes, Motette zu 4 Stimmen (Joan Marques composition)
    Capella & Escolania Montserrat • El Siglo De Oro
  • Mundanity & Prayer (Mark Limacher piece)
    Who Cares? • Volume 2
  • I Love The World
    Fetus Blasters • Live Laugh Love
  • Rain in a new city
    Zoon, featuring Michael Peter Olsen • Big Pharma EP
  • Marrakesh: 3am
    Drain • Trance Syndicate Compilation
  • Nocturne (Arthur Keegan-Bole composition)
    An Laurence 安媛 • Almost Touching
  • Estampa Tradicional: a) Danza chiriguana b) Moxenada c) Chunchus
    Sukay • Pacha Siku: Traditional Music of the Andes
  • Nomad
    Σtella • Up and Away
  • Nocoj pa, oh nocoj
    Slovenski Oktet • Nocoj In Vselej
  • Dominant Light
    Sanctums • Neon Wraith
  • Harriet's Dance Song / Two Spirits Reunited
    Taj Mahal • Sounder
  • Angel Awake
    The Pan • Dirt Road~Hectic City
  • Drums of Makebuko: Burundi
    Drums of Makebuko: Burundi • Music & Rhythm Compilation
  • II. Fossil Dance
    Chris Votek • Memories of a Shadow
  • Voices of Spring, Op. 410
    Andre Kostelanetz & his Orchestra • Strauss Waltzes
  • Beteng
    Balungan • Kudu bisa kudu